Support & Resources - Equipping You For Success

Making your transition into the Farm Bureau family as seamless as possible includes helping you prepare your working environment. With the foundational elements of branding and marketing, office equipping and staffing in place, you can ensure a smooth transition, giving you more time to commit to growing your wealth management company and building valuable relationships.

Resources to Help You Succeed & Grow Your Business

From your first day as a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor, you’ll receive continuous support and access to quality resources — enabling you to provide an exceptional client experience and strengthen your business. By choosing to work with Farm Bureau, you’ll be able to expand your wealth management business and focus on what you love about your financial advisor career. Following are some resources we offer. 

  • Regional Manager Support
  • Agent Partnerships
  • Leadership Access and Support
  • Wealth Management Operations Team
  • Internal Wholesaler Team
  • In-house Estate and Business Succession Planning Attorneys
  • Specialized Regional Life Insurance and Annuity Team
  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Transition Specialists
  • Training Team
  • Legal and Compliance


Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Clearing and Execution Services

As one of the world's leading diversified financial services companies, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) provides clearing and execution services for our broker dealer and registered investment advisor. Our relationship with RBC helps us offer you the tools, technology and established processes you need to provide your clients with outstanding service. When combined, the resources described here will help you gain key operational efficiencies so you can focus on providing your clients with thoughtful advice and outstanding service. 

Get started

Our team can offer you a smooth transition. By joining forces with our insurance agents and supporting departments, you can confidently focus your attention on building your network and growing your wealth management business. This keeps your focus on what you’re best at - financial advising and wealth management - while our specialized departments assist you with the other aspects owning your business. Get in touch with us today.