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7 Habits of Successful Financial Advisors

To fuel the growth of your business, you have to put in the work. But what makes a successful financial advisor? To be at the top of your game takes more than earning the credentials and showing up every day.

Leading financial advisors have a growth mindset. They are always on the lookout for better ways to work, connect and succeed so they can build their client base and reach their financial goals.

Here are seven habits of successful financial advisors.

1.      They don’t just expect growth to happen — they put a plan in place to make it happen. They take steps to increase revenue, bring in new clients and streamline systems. They evaluate how the plan is working and adjust it so they can achieve their goals.

2.      Successful financial advisors find new and creative ways to deepen their relationships with their clients. They know that connecting with clients frequently builds satisfaction, so they set reminders to send out emails or place quick check-in phone calls every two to four months. They see the value in this small investment of time.

3.      They connect with the next generation of clients. They know that their businesses will thrive if they reach out to Millennials and Gen Zers, and they recognize the growth potential behind this new wave of investors. They also realize that while younger investors might have smaller portfolios today, they could be their biggest clients in the future.

4.      They commit to work-life balance. Successful financial advisors are passionate about what they do, but they recognize that their drive can push them to keep doing more until they burn out. They define their priorities, create opportunities to do the things that are important to them and reevaluate how they are spending their time.

5.      They stay on top of industry trends. They shifted to video meetings so they could connect with their clients safely during the pandemic, and they understand that some clients will always want to meet this way. They are up to date on the socially responsible investing options more clients are seeking. They are individualizing their offerings because they see how clients want personalized care.

6.      Successful financial advisors make it a habit to use smart productivity-boosting strategies to make the most of their time. They stick to a schedule, give themselves deadlines, and track their time to ensure they’re working as efficiently as possible. They know the value of their time, and they want to get the most out of every minute.

7.      They set professional goals that are realistic, detailed and measurable. They take a hard look at the areas where they excel and the areas where they struggle. They envision a future where they can see their success, and they take actionable steps to move toward their goals.

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