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5 Ways You Can Deepen Client Relationships - Digitally

Sometimes face-to-face interactions with clients aren’t possible. But in this tech-savvy world, you don’t have to engage with clients in person to make a connection. We offer five ways to deepen client relationships digitally.

Increase Contact Frequency

Research has shown a positive correlation between client satisfaction and the frequency of how often an advisor reaches out to them. Ongoing contact makes a client feel taken care of. It also gives them an opportunity to ask questions or share concerns as they come up, instead of waiting six months or a year to discuss. Set reminders to contact clients on a quarterly, or bi-monthly, basis. Emails can be brief; phone calls can be short. As long as you’re staying connected to clients regularly, they’ll feel more connected to you.   

Change Up the Content  

If you’re already sending emails with financial-related blog content or posting finance news on LinkedIn, good for you. You’re staying relevant in the industry and in touch with clients and prospects. But the content you’re putting out there doesn’t always have to be about investments. Consider making your content personal. Share positive updates about news in the community, post photos from a recent volunteer experience or participate in a Q&A that gives insight into your own story. Offering details about your life, hobbies, achievements or interests presents new opportunities for a closer connection with your clients.  

Adopt Videoconferencing

At this point, we’ve probably all joined a Zoom meeting or two (or a thousand). However, that doesn’t mean that we’ve all fully embraced the technology. Videoconferencing should be your go-to tool in our increasingly digital world. It allows for facetime with clients — anywhere, anytime — in ways that can be either formal or casual. This broadens the possibilities for all types of interactions with all types of clients.

Prepare Your Clients

Just as advisors have had to adapt to new ways of doing business, so too have your clients. And it isn’t always easy for them. If you’ve scheduled a videoconference meeting or FaceTime call, make sure you have a tried-and-true method for keeping the process easy for clients. Ask if they’ve used a particular app or videoconferencing tool before, or if they have a preference. Send a calendar invite in advance. Include clear instructions and necessary links or attachments. Finally, be willing to troubleshoot should a client run into technical issues.    

Pick Up the Phone

As in-person meetings happen less often, a good old fashioned phone call can make a world of difference in fostering long-lasting relationships with your clients. Especially if the reason for the call has little to do with business. Wish a client happy birthday or express congratulations for their teen’s high school graduation. Or simply phone them to say hello and check in. You might be surprised at how much clients appreciate the personal attention.

Take the Next Step

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