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Why I joined Farm Bureau Financial Services as a Wealth Management Advisor


In 2020, Adam Entwisle ditched the typical 8-to-5 financial services job — and he hasn’t looked back. The Kansas native joined the growing Farm Bureau Financial Services Augusta team in April after more than a decade in the business.

What’s changed? The freedom and excitement of running his own practice. Discover how Entwisle is using that freedom to meet people where they’re at and help them on their financial journey.


 What Has Surprised You the Most Since Joining Farm Bureau?

One of the major changes for me is really the freedom that comes with this position — being able to meet people where they’re comfortable. Sometimes that’s via Zoom, other times it’s at their home or office. There are more options and benefits for everyone involved.

How Have You Built Rapport With New and Existing Clients This Year in a Virtual Environment?

You want to be empathetic. Try to understand where they’re coming from, and try to stay upbeat, even if clients are worried. I explain, “I understand your concern with the volatility in the market, but where certain sectors or certain areas might be going down, there are other areas of the market that we’re winning. There's always a place to make money and being properly allocated is the benefit of working with someone like myself.”

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

Every day is different. People’s journeys in life are so different, and I love being able to hear where they’re coming from and where they want to go. It’s a passion. Nothing else has quite brought me joy like this.

What Has Your Experience Been Working With Farm Bureau Agents?

I’ve been really happy about how I’ve been able to build relationships with our agents. It’s a great benefit to have warm leads; their relationship with the client makes my job so much easier. We go into appointments together, and the agent explains that I’m just another tool in their toolbelt to help the client. I don’t have to really sell myself to the client — the trust is already there. If I can show them that I’m listening and provide solutions to their concerns, closing business is a night and day difference compared to my previous company.

Would You Recommend Other Wealth Management Advisors Join Farm Bureau?

Yes, absolutely. If you truly want to be in this industry and help people, is there a better time to do it? Farm Bureau provides us all the resources we need to change people’s lives and protect their financial future.

What’s Next for You?

My goal is to grow my business and brand so much in the next five years that I can hire staff. Starting out in this industry, I never thought I would have that opportunity. Previously, I was a salaried employee. Now, my business is my baby, and whatever I can do to grow it, the better.

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