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What You Can Expect From Your Farm Bureau Regional Manager

We talked with Brad Hunt, Wealth Management Sales Vice President, to find out the five ways your Regional Manager supports your success as a Farm Bureau advisor.

1.   Your Regional Manager Is a Trainer

Farm Bureau’s managers have a personal commitment to an advisor’s development. Why? Because providing the right support and resources helps serve clients better. And while there are group training sessions that take place, the model leans more hands-on.

“Protecting our clients’ livelihoods is a very personal thing,” Hunt says. “The training our Regional Managers do with advisors is one-on-one, which is an extension of our Farm Bureau culture. Managers take a personal approach, and if they aren’t doing the actual training, they’re the facilitator for the person who does.”

2.   Your Regional Manager Is a Connector

The manager serves a vital role for the advisor in the integration phase by connecting them to the agency side of Farm Bureau, making introductions and facilitating agent-advisor relationships. 

“Farm Bureau stands out in the industry for our ability to link advisors to a robust referral source — our insurance agents,” Hunt says. “These are the people who can get an advisor a warm kitchen table invite with clients. The agent is the advocate for the advisor, and the Regional Manager is the one who fosters those trusting relationships.”

3.   Your Regional Manager Is a Resource

“When a Wealth Management Advisor comes on board,” Hunt says, “we provide a best-in-class platform for opening accounts and managing assets.”

The Regional Manager is an advisor’s first resource for understanding this state-of-the-art platform and learning the processes. A manager may not be a technical expert, but they’re the point person for an advisor regarding questions and education relative to the technical platform. Think of them as the conduit for additional resources.

4.   Your Regional Manager Is a Problem-solver

As with any industry, problems arise, challenges present themselves. The Regional Manager is an advisor’s advocate for issue resolution.

“Farm Bureau deploys a ‘supported independent’ structure for its advisors; a Regional Manager is not so much a boss, but more of a partner,” Hunt explains. “If an advisor has questions about regulatory things, or needs a sounding board, the manager is there to work alongside the advisor to find solutions.”

5.   Your Regional Manager Is a Mentor   

The Regional Manager helps an advisor build their practice across all aspects, from determining target markets to finding work-life balance.

“As a mentor, the Regional Managers help advisors grow, not just professionally but personally,” Hunt says. “A lot of great firms offer great resources, but it can be daunting for an advisor to navigate on their own. As a Farm Bureau advisor, you’re not alone. You have an advocate, a mentor and a trainer in your Regional Manager. That’s unique in this industry.”

A Built-in Support Network

We’re looking for advisors ready to grow their business backed by a full support team. Does this sound like you? Contact us to discuss becoming a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor.