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Is Your Current Firm the Best Fit for Your Clients?

As a financial advisor, your success is largely determined by the success of your clients — by helping your customers meet their goals, you in turn can meet your own professional goals. But you can’t do it alone, and that’s where your firm comes in. The right support can make a world of difference when it comes to meeting your clients’ needs. Ask yourself these three questions to help you understand whether your current firm is truly setting you — and your clients — up for success. 

1. Does Your Firm Offer Resources to Help You Succeed?

Your clients expect your time to be spent on them, not wasted on various administrative tasks. Ongoing support and access to quality resources are essential for providing an exceptional client experience, allowing you to focus on your client relationships above all else. Here’s what to look for in support services:

  • Agent partnership opportunities
  • Internal wholesaler team
  • In-house estate and business succession planning attorneys
  • Specialized regional life insurance and annuity team
  • Marketing and advertising support
  • Legal and compliance support
  • Clearing and execution services

The best firms also provide a turn-key office for their agents, ensuring you don’t have to spend time setting up utilities, technology and furniture while giving you a sleek, stylish space for client meetings.

2. Do You Have Access to State-of-the-Art Technology?

Working with advanced platforms, tools and programs that help you build your business will benefit both you and your clients, as they allow you to provide a more complete overall financial picture. Firm-supplied access to a host of platforms, tools and resources can provide greater transparency for your clients, as well as increased efficiency and productivity for you.

3. Are You Supported by Experienced Managers and Leadership?

Your manager should be one of your greatest assets, providing guidance on things like regulatory supervision and cross-selling support as well as helping you grow your book of business. They can also guide you in portfolio construction, practice management and financial planning, so your clients can rest assured that they’re getting the expertise of multiple financial experts when they work with you.

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