How to Refine Your Wealth Management Elevator Pitch

Everyone is always on the go, and this limits your opportunity to introduce yourself as a financial advisor and illustrate your value. Your elevator pitch is about grabbing their attention and beginning a conversation with a few short sentences. Opportunities to use a short speech like this come up frequently — you run into an old friend or colleague, you introduce yourself at a networking event, or you meet someone through a mutual connection. This is your chance to make a strong impression and open the door for future conversations.

Create Your Elevator Pitch

Identify Your Goals

Your goals don’t always have to be the same — you may want to build community awareness in one situation or pitch to a potential client in another. You want to convey how you might help the person you’re speaking with. Have a plan for how you might tailor the pitch for different audiences.

Write the Pitch

An elevator pitch should only be 30 seconds (8-10 sentences), so it needs to be incredibly focused on what makes you/your business unique, such as your experience and what your ability to work with a Farm Bureau agent means for them. Start by jotting down a speech:

1. Your elevator pitch should start by grabbing their attention with a hook that tells them why they should care/listen and who you are. Turn them into an engaged listener by sharing a problem you help solve that might relate to them.

Hi, I’m John Brown, a wealth management advisor at Farm Bureau Financial Services, where I help my clients prepare for their future. A recent study found that a feeling of financial security is the greatest factor in overall well-being.

2. Tell them what you do (keep it short!).

My team and I work with clients of all ages and income levels to make their money work for them.

3. Share with them why your work as a financial advisor is important (what problems have you helped solve?) and give them an example they can relate to.

Many people I work with are focused on retirement, but I also help clients achieve other financial goals, like saving for a child’s college education, purchasing a new home, or opening a business.  

4. Tailor a statement to the situation you are in that is connected to your goal for the pitch. If appropriate, close with a call to action.

I would love to meet with you to discuss how we can ensure your money is working for your family’s future.

Refine Your Pitch

Cut out anything that is redundant or bland. You only have a few sentences to make an impact, so ensure that every sentence is memorable and interesting.


Spend time rehearsing your pitch aloud until you are confident and can make adjustments on the fly. Be authentic with the person you’re speaking with — you want this to spark a conversation and connection. 

Be ready to put the pitch to work; you never know when or where you’ll meet your next client!


As a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor, you’ll have the support and resources you need to continue growing your career. Contact a regional manager to learn more about how to transition your business to Farm Bureau Financial Services.