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From Ag to Finance: A Q&A With Wealth Management Advisor Kara Goodknight


Kara Goodknight grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an animal lover who graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in animal science. After eight years in the agricultural industry, she pivoted to finance. This might seem like a divergent career path, but Goodknight finds that her background plays a big role in her success as a Farm Bureau advisor.  

“My agricultural experience helps, especially in Oklahoma. When clients tell me that they run cattle or raise hogs for a living, my understanding of the industry helps me earn their business. It’s not a requirement, but it gives me a leg up.”


What Attracted You to Farm Bureau?

“I was looking for a client base that I related to. In Oklahoma, Farm Bureau is one of the most recognized brands, and one of the most trusted. My family farms and ranches, so it felt like a good fit to be at Farm Bureau and work with those clients.”

What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

“A typical day in the office has me placing trades, rebalancing accounts, doing phone calls, taking client meetings. Another typical day is traveling. As the only Farm Bureau advisor in Oklahoma, I travel all over to meet with clients. Farm Bureau insurance agents refer their clients to me. I’ve had really good luck with that because Farm Bureau members like and trust their agents.”

What’s the Biggest Misconception About Your Job?

“People think financial advisors sit in front of their screens trading portfolios all day. That’s not what we do. We’re not day traders.

“What we do is build portfolios for the long-term. We build a portfolio that aligns with a client’s goals and risk tolerance, so as the market goes up and down, the portfolio performs in a way the client is comfortable with and still meets their goals.”

What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

“Helping people retire. When I’ve done the right job planning and a client gets to retire when they want and live the lifestyle they’d like, that’s the most rewarding part of my job.”

What Have You Learned Along the Way?

“There is more counseling and education than I ever realized. People get confused by what happens in the market. They’ll see things on the news and get nervous. It’s our job to counsel them and teach them the reasons why we figure out what their risk is.”

What Makes Farm Bureau Unique in the Industry?

“Farm Bureau is set up so a client can do a majority of their business under one roof: insure their home, business, farm or animal; get life insurance and investments; do estate planning. Plus, at Farm Bureau, a client gets a whole team of people who are knowledgeable in their respective fields and are all focused on the same client goals.”

What Are You Most Excited About Professionally in the Next Year?

“Growth! I want to grow my client base, my assets under management and my referral base. The more insurance agents I get to meet and work with, the better my business is going to be able to grow.”

Any Advice for New Wealth Management Advisors?

Set goals and maintain them. Also be aware that this industry ebbs and flows. Things sometimes aren’t consistent from month to month. Be comfortable with that.”

Interested in Joining Farm Bureau?

We’re seeking experienced and dedicated Wealth Management Advisors to join our team. If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk!