Discover the Support You'll Receive at Farm Bureau

Having talked with many advisors over the years, I know how important training is and how important it is to the advisor. You could have the best investment platform on the planet, but knowing how to navigate systems, use the features within the planning tool and find information is paramount.


Training is something that many firms promise an advisor. These days, the delivery is only in the form of on-line do -it-yourself type training for many firms. At Farm Bureau Wealth Management, we incorporate on-line training modules into our comprehensive training program as well, but it doesn’t end there. We have a philosophy that training and support is not always one in the same, so we deliver on both.

Initially, much of the basic onboarding training such as system overview, new business processing, financial planning, and advisory product offering takes place before an advisor begins…We think it makes sense for our advisors to hit the ground running.


We differentiate ourselves by integrating an advisors’ support team on day one. Advisors meet their Regional Manager, onboarding specialist, internal wholesalers, marketing sales coach and members of the Middle Office Operations Team that will be taking them ‘under their wings’ during the early stages of their transition. We believe that putting a face with a name of each team member sets the stage for a close working relationship. The success of each individual advisor is our shared, common goal of each member of the support team.

We also believe that training and support is not just a onetime thing. Training and support are continuous elements of our model and should be delivered consistently and frequently to ensure each advisors’ development and growth. Examples of support and training tools we provide advisors are:

·         Comprehensive suite of training videos and job aids for advisors and staff members

·         Process and platform training available from the operations team

·         Product support from the Wealth Management Wholesalers

·         Money-Guide Pro training videos

·         Access to webinars and a library of training content from RBC via Gateway

In a nutshell, the training tools we have available for advisors are second to none. But the glue in delivering the best experience is support. Having the best resource platform is not always about the ‘best content available…’ In many cases, it’s about people working together to find solutions, getting answers quickly, being educated on ‘where to look,’ and direction from a real person to assist advisors’ ease of doing business.  That’s what we are committed to!

Meet John!

John Massey is a Regional Manager at Farm Bureau Wealth Management. He leads and supports our team of Wealth Management Advisors in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.