A Behind the Scenes Look at Training

Getting Started

In the beginning our Wealth Management Transition Specialists will prepare an individualized training plan based on your business needs. The plan will consist of comprehensive training covering the basics of how to access the different platforms and systems on the Farm Bureau Wealth Management front, as well as through our systems at RBC Correspondent Services. 

  • This would include how to access and set up personal “get started kit” covering areas such as health benefits, 401(k) and payroll information. 
  • We then move on our “quick start marketing” training and set up.  Consisting of a one on one with our industry experienced marketing coach to build out their personal Facebook business page, Linkedin profiles, a professional advisor website, press release prep and various other marketing items.


Once finished with personal items, addressing the technology needs is next. Our Wealth Management Transition Specialist will walk you through the robust offering of platforms, tools and resources.  Within the offering we will cover the financial planning tool, utilizing Money Guide Pro and Riskalyze, RBC Black, a platform used to integrate multiple financial services into one single sign on for comprehensive wealth management and RBC Gateway, which houses day to day functionalities for client account access, proposal generation, trading and portfolio management, market data and report access.

If you have interest in growth and client retention we would offer access to Cannon Financial Institute training offered through the RBC relationship that helps advisors strategize on how to build the blueprint to grow their business through client retention, growing client asset base and how to create more opportunities.

Supporting You

Overall, we realize joining a new broker dealer is a big commitment and takes time to settle in.  During that three-month period we will, as a team, focus on working with you in every aspect of training in order to learn the systems and processes needed to efficiently and effectively manage your business and clients.  Your success is our success.

 Meet Amy!

Amy Whittington is a Regional Manager at Farm Bureau Wealth Management. She leads and supports our team of Wealth Management Advisors in Nebraska and South Dakota.