Tips for Standing Out Online

In today’s digital world, having an online presence is imperative. If a person is looking for a doctor, a house or a restaurant, it can all be found online with a quick search and a few clicks.

It’s no different for financial advisors who want to attract new clients. Having a professional online presence helps add a certain level of instant credibility and trustworthiness to a business and allows you to communicate with potential and current clients in your community. It also gives prospective clients an opportunity to determine if what they’re looking for may be a good match with an advisor.

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we understand the importance of using online advisor websites and social media as way for our advisors to engage with both current and potential clients. Read on for tips for standing out online as an advisor.

Tip 1: Keep Your Online Profiles Professional

We’ve all seen the selfie picture posted on a professional social media page as a profile photo. My advice: don’t do it. The profile picture is the first thing your current and potential clients will see — it needs to be professionally done. Making a good first impression matters. At Farm Bureau, we include a professional headshot as a part of an advisor’s onboarding experience because we know it’s an important part of giving them a jump start to their entire online and marketing experience.

Tip 2: Share Relevant Information That Will Help Your Clients

As an advisor, you want to think about your digital presence as a whole. This is one tip you won’t want to skip. An effective online strategy comes down to sharing the right information to the right audiences at the right time. Keep your followers engaged and informed by sharing educational and timely content that will help them. Think proactively about what your clients need to know. You have a small amount of time to grab your audience’s attention. There’s a healthy balance of sharing messages on a consistent basis without overwhelming your audience. This includes on your advisor website and social media platforms.

One of the many benefits of becoming a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor having a customizable advisor website, as well as business social media pages. Pre-approved relevant and timely content is developed for our advisors to share through Hearsay Social – a platform created for financial services and allows advisors to engage with clients across different social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn. Your customizable advisor page will also be populated with relevant blog-type content for your clients.

Tip 3: Keep a Consistent Posting Schedule  

Having an online presence is a good start but maintaining a consistent posting schedule is important. The last thing you want is for your social media pages to look outdated and abandoned by not posting regularly.

If the online and social media world is a bit unfamiliar to you. Don’t worry, at Farm Bureau we offer our advisors the marketing support they need to stand out. Our Regional Managers would love to talk to you more about what we offer.

Meet Amy!

Amy Whittington is a Regional Manager at Farm Bureau Wealth Management. She leads and supports our team of Wealth Management Advisors in Nebraska and South Dakota.