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6 Things You Can Expect from Farm Bureau on Day One

The myriad challenges facing Wealth Management Advisors can range from marketing to training. That’s why we have an experienced team in place ready to help our advisors launch on a path to success. You can expect a full spectrum of support services from Farm Bureau Financial Services.     

1. Transition Assistance

Each advisor is assigned a dedicated transition specialist to help make the move over to Farm Bureau as seamless as possible. Before your first day — about 2-4 weeks before — your transition specialist works with you to review operating procedures, schedule training and onboarding and assist with registration and licensing. And they’ll be by your side for as along as 60 days after you start at Farm Bureau to help as you transition your clients. 

2. Agent Partnerships

Connecting with centers of influence is key to building a book of business. The good news: At Farm Bureau, our Wealth Management Advisors have access to 1,700 insurance agents who serve more than half a million clients throughout the country — a built-in network of potential business growth. When you first start at Farm Bureau, your Regional Manager will introduce you to the agents in your area.

3. Marketing Support

From the moment you begin at Farm Bureau, you’ll get access to a suite of branding and marketing materials created by our in-house marketing support team. These include:

  • Website
  • Blog content
  • Print and digital advertising pieces
  • Client-ready informational sheets

Not only will you be outfitted with a professional marketing toolkit, you’ll also get a one-on-one marketing coach who works closely with you as you develop a marketing plan for your business.

4. Social Media Content

Every advisor knows that a savvy social media strategy helps with connecting with existing and potential clients. But developing that content, not to mention scheduling and publishing it, can be time-consuming. Enter 4USocial, a tool that allows advisors to access pre-approved content from industry news and financial tips to hobby-specific articles and local interest stories. Using smart learning, 4USocial schedules posts at peak times. This means you’ll stay digitally engaged while remaining free to focus on what really matters — serving your clients.

5. Mentorships

Farm Bureau’s personalized approach to coaching new advisors is just one of the many aspects that elevate Farm Bureau from other companies. As a new Wealth Management Advisor at Farm Bureau, you’ll receive hands-on mentoring from your Regional Manager. They will serve as your go-to leader for anything and everything: guidance with client relationship development, connection to the home office, access to resources and a partner for your long-term success.

6. Ongoing Training

At Farm Bureau, training doesn’t stop with your initial onboarding. Our personalized support takes the form of continuing education and refresher courses, such as:

  • Monthly software training
  • Sales processing and internal systems training
  • Monthly webinars featuring a rotating roster of speakers
  • Bi-weekly industry newsletter
  • Annual sales conference
  • Annual wealth management conference

Your Future Begins Today

Our support means your success. To get started with a reputable wealth management company, contact us.