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These Top Strategies Can Help You Build and Lead a Rock-Solid Team

As a financial advisor, you have training and experience in analyzing risk, balancing portfolios and guiding clients in their decisions. And you’ve probably been going it alone as you build your business.

But at some point, you can’t do it all yourself. You need to hire people to help. And leading a team might be a skill you’re learning as you go. These tips can help you surround yourself with people who will support your business growth and help you lead them.

How to Choose the Right People

The right team starts with the best hires. To start, be clear about what you need. Do you need someone who is licensed to help create financial plans? A support staff to help with scheduling, emails and phone calls? Clearly defining the job description can help ensure the appropriate candidates apply.

When you’re hiring, consider diversity. Adding someone to your staff whose background and life experience differ from your own can open up different viewpoints. As your business grows, the Human Resources team at Farm Bureau can help you throughout the hiring process.

How to Lead Your Team

Once you have the right person or people in place, you want to nurture their growth and help them become key team members. Good communication is essential. Start with the big picture — share your vision for your business with your team. That way, everyone understands why what they are doing is crucial.

Every employee needs to know their role in your business, why they are valuable and how they can grow their professions as you grow yours. On a day-to-day basis, people need to understand what you expect of them and how they should complete their tasks and assignments. As a leader, it’s your role to make sure you communicate clearly and effectively and monitor progress. Be sure to praise good work and look at mistakes as learning experiences.

How to Be a Better Leader

Building and leading a strong team starts with you. Until now, you’ve probably been focused on growing and maintaining your client base. But when you have a team it’s time to look beyond what you can do yourself and focus on how you can lead others. Think back — you’ve probably had a great boss at some point in your life. What characteristics made them exceptional?

  • Building empathy is essential. You want to view your team members as people, not simply employees. And you want them to see you the same way. Take the time to talk to them and develop a connection. That way, when inevitable workplace conflicts crop up, you have a level of respect that can help you work toward a solution.
  • View change as a positive. From minor setbacks to major upheavals, your business is going to face changes. The way you adapt, and the way you encourage your team to adapt, shows everyone how to move forward.
  • Help your team grow. Each person on your team has a vision for their future success. How can you help them achieve their goals? What pathways and guidance can you help provide?

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