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Meet Our Life Insurance and Annuity Team

As a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor, you’ll have full access to our regional life insurance and annuity team. Here’s what access to our network means for you and your clients.

Products for Absolutely Everyone

The life insurance and annuity team offers a truly diverse portfolio of products and services that are designed for customers in all stages of life. That means if you have a client who needs life insurance or an annuity, the team can build a plan that will work for your client’s situation.

In addition to 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year term insurance, Farm Bureau also offers level-premium term, a unique increasing term product and a return of premium term product. Farm Bureau’s newest term-life product, Income Guard Term Life, pays out an initial $20,000 lump sum to help cover funeral costs and immediate final expenses. The main death benefit then gets paid out as monthly income to the family.

“This is an important offering as sometimes beneficiaries have difficulty managing large sums of money and would prefer to have a steady amount coming in monthly to continue living the same lifestyle they’re used to,” says Todd M. Davis, Senior Life Sales Development Consultant.

Farm Bureau also offers permanent life insurance options, including whole life insurance for clients who like guaranteed benefits and a universal life product, which can be customized to be fixed rate or indexed.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to annuities as well — from single premium immediate annuities to flexible premium annuities to indexed annuities and more.

“We have a robust portfolio with lots of great solutions that Wealth Management Advisors can use to complement their services and serve their clients,” Davis says.

And yet, if somehow a client requires a solution that isn’t offered, the life insurance and annuity team can most likely provide a workaround. 

“We have relationships with brokerage outlets, and we’ve got arrangements in place that allow us access to the products your clients need,” Davis says.

Illustration Software

It can be difficult for clients to conceptualize financial plans, especially long-term. That’s why Farm Bureau has proprietary illustration software that lets you show clients how different life insurance and annuity scenarios would play out later in life.

“It’s a great way for the Wealth Management Advisors to help their clients really visualize our products and how they all fit together,” says Davis, who personally trains each new Wealth Management Advisor on the software.

Unrivaled Support

In addition to being there to help new Wealth Management Advisors learn and understand the life insurance and annuity products, Davis and his team are always available to answer questions and help design cases.         

“There are 10 of us here, myself included, to answer questions and help however we can,” he says. “All you need to do is call, and one of us will answer the phone.”


An added bonus of working for a comprehensive insurance and financial services institution? The referrals. As key centers of influence, Farm Bureau agents are adept at identifying customers who would benefit from financial planning and frequently refer clients to Wealth Management Advisors.           

“We really do use a team approach here,” Davis says. “The fact that a Wealth Management Advisor has the opportunity to work with existing and experienced Farm Bureau agents and then have those agents refer their clients to them — that’s pretty unique.”

You Have a Future at Farm Bureau

If you’ve been thinking about making a move to a company where you have access to all the products and services your clients require in one place, you’ve found it! Contact a Regional Manager to learn more.