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How Farm Bureau Removes Obstacles to Help You Succeed


As a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor, you’ll enjoy access to a full team ready to support you in all aspects of your business — which frees you up for the all-important task of helping clients secure their financial future.

We talked to Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor Matt Gurule about the ways that Farm Bureau helps advisors overcome challenges to building a successful business. Based out of the New Mexico state office in Las Cruces, Gurule brings three years of experience to the industry, and he’s been with Farm Bureau for nearly a year.

Obstacle: Finding New Business

Solution: Client Referrals From Farm Bureau Agents

“Farm Bureau has a client referral solicitation between its Wealth Management Advisors and its Agents,” Matt says. “An Agent may have 600 to 700 clients, and you can be in front of each and every one of them. This has been the biggest success story for me to bring in new business and educate existing clients on what we do. I made it a point to go out and meet every Agent in New Mexico. And from that personal interaction, I developed relationships right away. Agents and Wealth Management Advisors working together can offer a vast array of investment options for clients.”

Obstacle: Marketing Your Business

Solution: Access to a Personal Marketing Coordinator

“Farm Bureau offers a one-on-one marketing coordinator,” Matt explains. “She helps me, coaches me and makes sure all of my marketing is compliance-approved. Once I was hired, she called me every month and helped me establish my website, publish ads, even set up billboards. She does it all to help get my name and image out to the public, which brings in new business. Some advisors are already comfortable with marketing and don’t need to utilize this resource, but I take full advantage!”

Obstacle: No Administrative Support

Solution: The Backing of a Full-service Support Team

“The support structure from the home office in Iowa is phenomenal,” Matt says. “They handle so much of the little, tedious things that I used to have to do myself at other firms, as well as the big things. For example, if the power’s out or the system’s down or if I’m driving and I don’t have access to the computer, I can simply give the home office a call and they can place trades for me or handle an administrative issue. This is huge. It really helps me focus on my clients and doing my job right for them.”

Obstacle: Lack of Mentorship

Solution: Strong Leadership Guidance

“The management structure here at Farm Bureau is great — you’re not out there on your own,” Matt says. “It’s so nice to have a boss. I report to him, he reports to the Vice President in Iowa, and he reports to the head. It’s a small chain, but it’s an important chain of command for guidance and help. Instead of me wasting three hours Googling what the CARES Act is all about and how it affects my clients, I can shoot it up the chain and they’ll send me informational pieces, research and resources. Basically, if I have questions, I have someone to go to.”


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