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Home-Field Advantage: How to Grow Your Wealth Management Business Within Your Community

Your community is where you live, work, and play – how are you giving back?

What’s good for your community is good for your business – success begets success. Your local impact matters to your customers, too. In a recent national survey, about half of surveyed consumers said they pay close attention to a company’s attempts to be socially responsible. At the end of the day, community engagement isn’t just beneficial to your business — it’s the right thing to do. Here are three ways you can bolster your presence in your neighborhood and beyond.

Share Your Knowledge at Community Events

People want to make well-informed decisions about their finances – opportunities to hear from professionals are in high demand. To improve access needed information, retirement homes, colleges, and community centers often host free educational classes that are open to the local community. Reach out to and offer to speak.

Seek out opportunities to work with local organizations to educate the community on wealth management. You can also organize your own event to share your knowledge with members of the community at no cost. Not only will you be helping to support your community, but you’ll get to talk face-to-face with people who are interested in your services. When they’re ready to take steps toward their financial goals, they’ll know who to turn to — you!

Support a Local Nonprofit or Organization

We’re not just talking about monetary donations. To truly embed yourself into your community, you should be present. Choose an organization to support — whether it’s a homeless shelter, food bank, the library, or local arts organization — and invest your time as a volunteer and/or board member. Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisors give back by fostering dogs, volunteering at children’s shelters, and building houses.

If you have a staff, don’t forget to get their input! People will feel more invested giving back to causes they care about. A monthly or quarterly staff volunteer day can boost morale (who doesn’t love getting out of the office?) and, more importantly, support those in your community who need it most.

Strengthen Other Small Businesses

Behind every great small business is an owner looking to grow their company and secure their future — and you can help. A good place to start is your city’s chamber of commerce, which holds events specifically for this purpose. Consider offering a discount or free workshops to small business owners. It’s an instant way to drastically increase your community presence.

Traditional networking not your thing? We get it. This is your community, so think of the small businesses you rely on every day: your favorite restaurants, your specialty butcher, your gym, your dry cleaner. You’ve built relationships with these businesses and the people who run them. Do they know how you can help them?

Become a Part of Our Community

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