An Inside Look at the Transition Process at Farm Bureau

An Inside Look at the Transition Process at Farm Bureau

Joining Farm Bureau Financial Services gives you a unique opportunity to grow your business. We also recognize that the transition to this new position can be stressful. That’s why we have a process in place that’s designed to support you every step of the way.

Our transition process starts well before your first day. As soon as you sign your offer letter, you’ll have a designated wealth management transition specialist who will make sure the paperwork for your accounts is in place, your licenses are transferred, your administrative tasks are covered and you have everything you need to start right in on day one.

Personalized Training Brings You Up to Speed Right Away

When you come onboard, you’ll have a two-day individualized training session so you can learn how to handle business with new clients. You’ll also:

In-person Support and Training Positions You for Success

After you finish your training, your wealth management transition specialist will come onsite to your location and make sure your technology is set up properly, your systems are working and you have everything you need, including:

  • Office space and furniture
  • Computer and printer
  • Business cards

Your transition specialist will serve as your go-to contact for the next 90 days, to help answer any questions you have and to connect you with the people who can support you.

In addition, a marketing coach will work with you on your professional website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and other social media outlets, and continue to support you once a month to help you with your marketing.

Our Teams Provide the Ongoing Assistance You Need

The Farm Bureau five-person operations team is ready once you’re up and running. They can help you with day-to-day operations like opening accounts, trading and compliance. And that small team size means you build personal relationships with them — you’re not connecting with anonymous employees at a big call center.

Plus, our team of internal wholesalers helps you with financial plans and proposals. They can educate you about available products, platforms and systems. And they can help you review current portfolios and recommend alternatives if needed.

The Bottom Line

At Farm Bureau, we understand how important it is to smoothly transition to your new position. We handle the details so you’re free to focus on what’s important — your clients.

Grow With Us

We’re ready to help you take your business to the next level, with the support you need every step of the way. Contact us today.