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6 Reasons Women Should Work in Wealth Management

Men have long dominated the financial sector, but that’s changing. More women are entering the wealth management field – and for good reason: A career in wealth management offers so many rewarding opportunities.

1. Challenge Yourself

Being a Wealth Management Advisor requires a diverse set of skills and varied interests. It’s not just about investing - it’s also about marketing your services, building a client base, and working hard to consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

Every client, every situation, and every decision is different. That means each day brings new challenges. If you love variety, learning, and development, you may have found your sweet spot.

2. Be in Control

Calling all independent self-starters. This career is not for those who need to be told exactly what to do and aren’t comfortable making decisions. It is for those who enjoy learning and working toward their own goals and those of their clients.

3. Help Other Women Thrive

Only 15% of women have a written retirement strategy and just 37% of women use a professional financial advisor to help manage retirement savings and investments. Women are less likely to invest than men, and men have traditionally controlled the long-term planning process. As a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor, you can be an integral part of helping women make the best decisions for their financial futures.

4. Achieve Work-life Balance

Let’s be honest: Certain careers in finance can be all-consuming. If you want the excitement and ever-changing landscape of finance without 80-hour workweeks and no time for life outside the office, you’re in luck. Wealth Management Advisors enjoy much more flexibility and freedom — which is a big reason the field attracts so many talented professionals. A fulfilling career and time to enjoy your life? Yes, please.

5. Build Valuable Skills

The skills you learn managing other peoples’ money helps you not only better serve your clients, but can impact your own life and the rest of your career, too. You’ll build financial savvy (hello, tax planning and investment management) and skills like client management and relationship building.

Communication is another key skill you’ll hone. You can talk to your clients all day long about crunching numbers, but you must be able to put it in terms they’ll understand. Breaking down complex subjects in ways just about anyone can grasp? That’s a transferable skill you’ll use again and again.

6. Make a Difference

What’s at the heart of wealth management? People. Wealth Management Advisors are an integral part of some of the most important planning people do in their lives. And with that responsibility comes real gratification.

Every day is a chance to prove to your clients why you’re the very best person for the job. From planning college funds to retirement nest eggs, you’re helping clients feel secure in their financial futures.

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