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6 Characteristics of a Good Company Culture


Company culture is more than a tagline on a company’s website or the nice-to-have perks that can come with a job. It’s an atmosphere created and guided by the values and mission of the company.

From practices to policies to hiring, a great company culture impacts all facets of the business. Find out what six characteristics indicate a strong company culture that will set you up for success — and how Farm Bureau’s culture stacks up.

1. Clear Purpose

Good company culture starts with a company’s purpose. A strong vision directs how an organization aims to influence its clients or the community as a result of its services. Strong examples include:

  • Alzheimer's Association: “A world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia.”
  • Disney: “To entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.”
  • Facebook: “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”


Simply stated and authentically applied, a clear company vision is the proverbial North Star. It orients behavior, decisions and engagement, and serves as the foundation on which a company can construct a system of values. 

Farm Bureau’s mission is to protect the livelihoods and futures of its members. As a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor, you’ll join a culture that’s focused on people, relationships and helping take care of what matters most.

2. Strong Values

Behind every company with a great corporate culture, you’ll find a set of core values. These go beyond a catchy motto or a clever tagline. Inspired by a company’s purpose or vision, values act as the guidelines that inform a company’s everyday decisions, from client interactions to hiring practices. These values should be prominently displayed, communicated to everyone and executed consistently and across all sectors of a company.

Farm Bureau’s values are:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Service
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Passion

3. Genuine Support

When it comes to supporting their employees, companies with strong corporate cultures follow the old adage “show, don’t tell.”

They commit to employees’ professional growth by providing them with:

  • Learning opportunities
  • Management training courses
  • Helpful resources
  • Innovative technology

And they help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance with:

  • Flexible hours
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Retirement benefits


At Farm Bureau, we offer all of the above. Plus, you’ll receive comprehensive support starting on day one and continuing throughout your career to help you grow your skills and your business.

4. A Sense of Community

One telltale characteristic of an organization with a good company culture: Co-workers aren’t just co-workers. They’re friends, teammates and a support system for one another.

To foster camaraderie among colleagues, a company might host happy hours, events or games; offer annual traditions that include employees’ families, such as a holiday party or summer picnic; or publish an internal monthly newsletter that celebrates employees’ successes.

No matter what form community takes at a company, the idea is to establish lasting bonds and a spirit of goodwill that not only makes employees feel good but also inspires creativity and promotes productivity. At Farm Bureau, connections are of the utmost importance, which is why there are multiple systems in place that provide for regular communication and co-worker support. You can also join any of the many employee groups and participate in opportunities to learn and grow together.

5. Open Communication  

When employees feel seen and heard, they feel invested in the work that they do. Companies that encourage transparency and establish open lines of communication — via both formal and informal channels — allow for an important dialogue between all levels of a company, from the back office to the front lines.

Communication at a company with a strong culture might include:

  • Monthly town hall meetings
  • Feedback solicitation
  • Regular status updates
  • Open door policies
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings
  • Anonymous surveys

6. Recognition

Who doesn’t want to be recognized for a job well done? A clear sign of a good company culture: There are reward systems in place to celebrate employee successes that go beyond a pat on the back (although informal notes and shout outs are good too).

As a Farm Bureau Wealth Management Advisor, you’ll be able to qualify for our incentive travel program, which has taken the top producers to far-flung destinations like England, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  

Join a Culture of Support

Are you looking to join a company with a strong, supportive culture? Look no further than Farm Bureau. Contact us to learn more about our Wealth Management Advisor opportunities.