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5 Surprising Benefits of Becoming a Financial Advisor

As a Wealth Management Advisor, you get to a build a career helping others build their financial futures. But being a Wealth Management Advisor is so much more than that. Here, we review the benefits of being a financial advisor and how they make your life better.

1. You’ll Make Meaningful Connections With Others

Wealth Management Advisors start off giving financial advice to clients, but they end up becoming an integral part of their lives — invited to birthdays and retirement parties, witnesses to graduations and weddings, cheering at Little League games and dance recitals. An advisor offers insights that help clients make decisions about the things that matter most. Perhaps growing deeper connections with others wasn’t the main reason you decided to embark on a career in this industry, but for many financial advisors, it becomes the most rewarding aspect of the job.     

2. You’ll Define Your Own Hours

Launching a career in wealth management is hard work, no doubt. In the beginning, there are long hours spent building a book of business and prospecting for new clients. However, as you get more established and solidify a stable client base, there exists the ever-important opportunity for a flexible work-life balance. Need to schedule a meeting around your child’s parent-teacher conference? Go for it. Available to take calls while relaxing poolside on vacation? Sure thing! The chance to blend work commitments and your personal calendar is a priceless benefit not afforded in many industries. 

3. You’ll Enjoy Unlimited Earning Potential

While pay structures differ from firm to firm, in general, Wealth Management Advisors have the ability to earn as much as possible. Whether you are fee-based or commission-based (or some combination of the two), the sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential. Additionally, at Farm Bureau, we offer more than just pay as reasons to join us. You’ll get a full benefits package, technology and operating expenses, office expenses and incentive travel.

4. You’ll Better Your Community

It’s likely that much of your business comes from the very community in which you live. This means you’ll not only have a personal and professional investment in the betterment of your local neighborhood, but you’ll also get the chance to have a direct impact on it. Whether that means supporting causes that are near and dear to you or volunteering at organizations affiliated with your firm, you’ll find rewarding ways to give back.    

5. You’ll Form the Base for a Lifelong Career

As a Wealth Management Advisor, you can build a thriving business and a sustainable career that can last a lifetime — as long as you have the right team around you and the support you need to succeed. Farm Bureau ensures its advisors find professional fulfillment by offering ongoing education and training, leadership access, Regional Manager support, valuable relationships with Farm Bureau insurance agents, a dedicated marketing and advertising team, operations assistance and more. 


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